Thursday, September 1, 2011

Make a tiered baby skirt

I love looking at baby skirts especially those with ruffles and tiers. I decided to make one for my daughter which turned out "not bad" for first timer. Here it is!

It is so easy to make as long as you know what size of fabric you need to cut.
You need to cut 3 different sizes of rectangle fabric - lining, top and bottom tiers.
Here is the formula:  Lining = waist + 5 inches
                               Top tier = waist x 2
                               Bottom tier =  lining x 2

My skirt is for baby with a size 20 waist.

Step1: Measure the waist. Cut an elastic of the same size as the waist. Cut lining.  My waist is 20. So my lining is 25.

Step2: Cut tiers top and bottom.  My top and bottom tier is 40 and 50 respectively.

top and bottom tiers

Step 3: Sew the edge of the tiers and gather until it is the same length as the lining. Then sew the tiers to the lining. To create more ruffles cut a strip of fabric about 1 inch wide and gather. Sew the strips along the edges of each tiers.

And you're done! :D


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