Friday, August 26, 2011

Making my daughter's baptism shoes - Part 2

I think I'm done but wanted to do more. So here's the finished shoes. I think it's cute, and my daughter thinks so too. She can't help pulling the flower I attached on the top. I kept telling her "No!". She's a good listener but she thinks No means " yeah baby you can do that". Ah what a mess! I had to try it on her feet again and again to see how it looks and then she keeps trying to mess it up. Anyway, this is how it looks now.

 Here's how I came up with my finished shoes:

 Step 1: I cut a sleeve of a white dress which has the same fabric as her baptism dress. Make stiches on one end to close it and form a shoe like this. I think it looks more like mittens. Lol.

Step2:  I adjusted the bottom part to make it flat... and put linings to make it not see through.  I ended up with a pointed shoe. I wanted to adjust the toes part but won't fit her anymore.

Step3: Added ribbons sewed on the sides so it won't come off from her feet.

nice! :D
Ste4: Made flowers out of the remaining fabric to put on the top. Heres how I made them:

Make 7 of  these.

Stack the petals together.

Sew them together and add beads.

Make 2 flowers for the pair. I have a tutorial on how to make this flower under fabric flowers.

Step5: Sew the flowers on the top of the shoes. Gluing in an option but I wanted the flowers to be removable.

That's it! Now you wanna know how much I spent to make these shoes. Maybe 97 cents to a dollar for the ribbon and thread. Other materials did not cost me a penny.

97 cents ribbon from walmart ( still have a yard left)

an old dress with beads  i got from a yard sale
beads are everywhere on this dress.

more beads! cost me 25 cents to buy this dress. i think it's made in the Philippines cause the tag said so.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. See you next time.


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