Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making my daughter's baptism shoes

It's the cutest thing ever! LOL I wish. If I only knew how to make everything I will. But I'm not that talented. So my husband told me to make it ahead of time so that if I don't like it... umm I still have time to make another one? No no no! I guess not. Haha. No. So we still have time to buy one just in case.

I can't find one in the store that I like. Some won't fit her anymore or they dont have bigger size. She has big feet just like her dad that wears size 13. I hope she won't wear size 13 when she grows up.

Here's my shoe making progress. I just used a sleeve from a dress.

Boring? Not too nice? Just wait when it's finished and you will say " Wonderific, you are terrific!". 

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  1. Hi just blog hopping. At least if you sew it yourself, be it pretty or not, it adds value and once your child does not fit in it any more you could keep it for remembrance. Happy blogging and sewing to you. Hope it turns out pretty like how you wanted it to be.


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