Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Ruffled Skirt

I found this style on Sprouts  channel, the one with a talking chicken named Chicka. Chicka, Chicka chickadora! Anyway I got an old dress from swapmeet for 50 cents and I thought it's perfect for a ruffled skirt. It's hard to sleep Friday night and I ended up making this cute little skirt for my baby girl.

It is so easy to make. I measure it the same way I measured my previews post whisech is the tiered skirt but just a little more complicated.

Step1: Cut lining which is 5 inches bigger than the elastic divided by 2. The elastic should be measured exactly as the waist.

this image shows the lining with the strips already sewn on it. this is the inside part of the skirt.

Step2:  Cut strips of fabric approx. 1" wide and do running stitch along the middle and gather. Make enough to cover your lining front and back.

Step3: Sew the strips of fabric that you gathered horizontally on the lining and continue until all space is covered.

Step4: Join the 2 pieces of material together by sewing along the sides with right sides facing each other.

Step5: Insert the elastic along the casing on the waist and sew the ends to secure.

And you're done with your ruffled skirt! I can't wait to make more.


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