Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Make A Mesh Christmas Wreath

Mesh Christmas Wreaths are excellent addition to any door or windows

This is my finished Christmas Wreath made of Mesh. This is very easy and inexpensive to make. It does not need to be for christmas, but it any occassion too like spring and fall or even summber.  For the Steps on how to make this, I included a tutorial below

There are many kinds of wreaths for different occassions and times of the year. What I am going to show today is how to make a wreath out of mesh. Wreaths are great way of decorating front doors and windows. Wreaths comes in different shapes and sizes, but the most popular one is the round wreath and can be from small to medium size. Now for the mesh wreath you will need to purchase some supplies which I am showing below:

1 roll of Mesh - 1and 1/2 feet wide and the length depends on how big is your wreath
2 feet wire  or pre-made wreath
christmas ornaments or anything you can get from the christmas tree (if you have one) and this is optional

First form your wire into round shape and be careful not to hit your eyes. The safest way is to purchase an undercorated wreath. They are pretty cheap and cost only around $5.00 at Michaels on Black Friday. I got mine 2 years ago and I still have it. The good thing about this wreath is that they can be decorated over and over again. Your neighbor will think you buy new wreath every year. Below is the wreath I got from Michaels for 5 bucks. Not bad! Not not difference when you buy wreaths from a yard sale.

Next is get your roll of Mesh. Gather from one side to the other until your thumb and index finger is holding it together like this:

Hold it firm and attach it to the wreath. Make sure it is tight enough that when you move the wreath the mesh won't fall off. When I attach my mesh, I used the wires that looks like leaves of the Christmas tree. I am not sure what it's called. This step should look like the 2 images below.

And then repeat step number 1 until all the wires of the wreath are covered. When you're done, the wreath should look like the picture below. Isn't it lovely? You might say No, but wait I am not done yet! Go to the next step to make your mesh wreath look lovely and cute. 

Pick your favorite ribbon and other Christmas decorations you already have. Attached it to the wreath the same way you attached the mesh. Let me share to you my favorite ribbon. I like this ribbon because it looks so elegant and it has the word Merry Christmas.By the way I added a ribbon which I did not take picture. It is gold in color and I got it from a recycled gift wrapper.

When all the steps are done, the next step is to take a picture and post if on your facebook page lol. So here is my finished wreath. It looks so pretty on my door especially the contrasting colors against the blue paint. What a lovely day!


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