Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New baby slippers I made

This baby slippers are made of denim fabric. The huge flowers on top are made of old t-shirts. When I made them for my daughter I didnt really meaure her feet and they came out really big for her feet.

Because they are very easy and fun to make I made another one, smaller than the one above and it fits my
baby's feet! Finally.

She likes them :D


  1. Wow, this one's really great. You're a really good shoe designer. I wish I could have a talent like this so I can make one for my baby. Are you like selling stuffs like this? I'd love to know!!

  2. Babies like to play with cottons and I guess all of your shoes are made of cotton. Isn't is?

    The design of your made shoes are simply awesome.

    Thanks for your contribution for babies......

  3. Denim fabric is good for baby's health.

    Thanks for the contribution for futre of our nation....

  4. I love your designs. maybe someday i could make some baby booties for my girls. just dont have time right now been busy working.


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