Friday, August 5, 2011

How to make your own singed fabric flower

This post will teach your how to make your own fabric flower from scratch.
First you need:
Fabric - must be 100% polyester
candle and lighter

Step 1:  Cut a piece of cardboard and shape it like a flower.

Steop 2: Trace the flower shape cardboard on the fabric and cut. You need to do this twelve times.

Step 3:  Burn the side of the fabric using candle. Be careful not to burn yourself.  Warning: Dont let your kids see this or they might do it too and burn the house.

It should look like these after :

Step 4:  Stack your petal together like this :  You may want to cut smaller sizes to put on the top of your flower. Saw the pieces together or may use hot glue to make them stick together.  I sew mine and put some beads or buttons in the middle.

Enjoy your flower making. If you like this post please make a comment. See you on my next tutorial!

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  1. Those are perfect for my daughters new skirts we bought for her studio pics. Going to make some today!


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